Audio Book Recording in Vancouver

Audiobook Recording & Long Form Audio Recording Services

Audio Book Recording is a form of Voice Recording that takes a significant amount of organization and awareness while recording to catch mistakes and unwanted noises the actor may make shifting in their seat etc.

At Blue Light, we are big fans of Audio Book recording sessions. Not only is it interesting to hear the story, but the organization and flow of the session can be relaxing and interesting to be a part of.

Our studios are set up with a clear and quiet environment to capture pristine voice recordings that are professional and meet all the ACX standards. Our engineers are experienced in working with ACX quality control and we are capable of delivering files that will pass the quality control tests every time.

Creating a comfortable environment for the voice actor is something that we believe is really important for Audio Book recordings as well. We always make sure the voice talent is comfortable, has water and anything else that is needed and is ready to focus on the story.

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