Kaj Falch-Nielsen


Production Highlights

   Aza Nabuko   



Blue Light Studio

Producer - Chief Engineer - Owner

Kaj (pronounced like Kai) started Blue Light Studio in 2010, after graduating from the Art Institute of Vancouver in the Professional Recording Arts Program in 2007.

Since 2010 Blue Light has grown into one of Vancouver’s best recording studios, and Kaj has worked with hundreds of Vancouver’s best artists, including Dear Rouge, Aaron Pritchett, Hotel Mira, JP Maurice, and Said the Whale. He has also worked with international artists Anderson Paak, Boyce Avenue, and Night Dreamer. 

  Small Town Artillery 



  Syd Cart West

  Country/Southern Blues Rock



Indie - Singer Songwriter - Pop - Country -Rock

Music has always been the driving force behind Kaj becoming an audio engineer, running a recording studio, and ultimately becoming a music producer.

Kaj had classical training at a young age which laid the foundation for him to become a multi-instrumentalist, playing in multiple bands in his 20’s, and touring Western Canada and America.

Today Kaj produces many genres of music, specializing in Indie, Singer Songwriter, Pop, Country, and Rock.