Music Mastering in Vancouver

Mastering Services That Pays Attention to the Details

Mastering refers to the final step of the process of recording a song that is ready to be released on streaming platforms, CD, cassette, or vinyl. It is a process that takes the final Mix of your song(s), and gives them a final polish and prepares them for the final destination format (streaming, vinyl etc).

Traditionally Mastering has been seen as the Black Arts of the audio world, where most engineers didn’t really understand what Mastering Engineers did, and most times the barrier to entry to become a mastering engineer was very high with expensive equipment and room design being factors.

Today things have changed a bit with many plugin companies offering “mastering in a box” kind of plugins where the plugin is doing many different stages of the mastering all in a single plugin so understanding exactly what is happening is less important.

At Blue Light, we always want to understand and “master” each part of the recording process, which includes Mastering. Therefore we have specifically purchased mastering equipment, as well as taken mastering into account in our room design, and learned all we can about Mastering so that we can compete with the best mastering studios in the world.

We have mastered thousands of songs in all genres, and have the experience, skills, and equipment to entrust us with this final crucial step in the recording process.

Need a song Mastered? It doesn’t matter if it was recorded or mixed here at Blue Light Studio, or if you did it at home, or in another studio, we are ready to Master your song and get it ready for release!

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