Music Mixing in Vancouver

Flexible Mixing from In The Box to Analogue Hybrid Mixing Services

After you’ve finished Recording and Editing your song, it’s time to move on to Mixing. We often mix projects that were recorded at another studio or at home, and we also mix projects that we have recorded as well.

Mixing is the process in which all the elements of your song are balanced between each other, and placed in the stereo image. This is also that stage in the process where FX like reverbs and delays are added.

Many things factor into making a good mix, ranging from the skills of the mixing engineers, to the quality of the recording, and the equipment being used to mix. Mixes can be done “In the Box” which refers to mixing only in the computer in your DAW, we use Pro Tools here at Blue Light, to an Analogue Hybrid Mix, or a Pure Hybrid Mix.

Here at Blue Light Studio, we have a Neve 8424 Mixing Console, which is specifically designed for the Analogue Hybrid Mix setup, which refers to using a combination of Analogue equipment like a mixing console and outboard gear like Eq’s and compressors, and plugins in a DAW like Pro Tools. This method gives you the flexibility of the digital world, but the advantages of the sound of analogue equipment, which can give mixes more depth, separation, analogue glue, and generally much better “mojo”.

Mixing can also be for non-music related projects, such as documentaries or short films. The concept is much the same with balance, fx, etc, but the content is different.

The possibilities with mixing are endless. Modern plugins have some many options for unique FX’s, automation, saturation, delay, reverb, chorus, compression, Eq, etc. This part of mixing can be very creative, and this is your opportunity to get the song to sound exactly like you want.

Although mixing can be very creative, it is also very technical, and experience is key to learning how to mix well. All of our mix engineers have been in the music industry for 15 plus years, and using their experience and skills they know how to shape the sound of each element of your song so that it fits together like a puzzle, and you can hear each element, and different instruments don’t fight with each other, and all the sounds are balanced. This is much harder to achieve than you would expect, so do yourself a favour, and let our experience team help!

Do you have a song you’ve recorded somewhere else that needs mixing? Let us help, send us your files and we’ll mix them through our equipment with our experienced engineers!

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