Music Production in Vancouver

Solo Artist & Singer Songwriter Production Services

The role of Producer for a Singer Songwriter or Solo Artist is much the same as a Traditional Producer, but also very often includes playing more instruments or even crossing into beat creation. Sometimes this could be adding some electronic elements such as a synth pad to an acoustic pop song, or adding a layer of electronic drums on top of real drums.

Very often singer songwriters have spent their music efforts on singing and songwriting, but they don’t have the technical skills to properly record their instrument (most often guitar or piano…sometimes ukulele). This is where working with a Producer can be extremely helpful.

We will guide you through the process as defined by the Traditional Producer above, but we can also play instruments for you such as guitar, bass, keys, and electronic instrument creation. We also have a large roster of session players, so no matter what instrument you want in your song, we know someone who can play it, and play it well!

Are you a Singer Songwriter who has songs that you want to have a full bands worth of instruments? We can help! Let’s setup a meeting and discuss how we can bring your songs to life.

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