Voice Over Recording in Vancouver

Voiceover Recording & ADR Recording - Film Audio Recording in Vancouver

Not only is Blue Light Studio acoustically treated to have the best quality sound possible, but we are also setup to record ADR and Voice Overs. Now your film will not only look the way you want, but it will sound the way you want, so that your audience gets the full impact of your story.

Voice Overs come in all shapes and sizes. From a Narrator in a documentary or film, to corporate videos, to animation, etc, we can help with any Voice Recording you need done. Our rooms are designed so a completely dead sound can be achieved, or a room with more natural ambiance can be used.

We have many microphone choices including the most commonly used microphone for Voice Over recording, the Neumann U87ai. We also have many preamp choices that can affect the sound of the voice, so if you’re looking for clean and natural, we can do that, or if you want that boomy radio voice, we can also do that.

Part of a successful Voice Over recording is being able to organize files, and keep track of a script. Our engineers are experience with this, and will help keep the session organized.

ADR stands for Automatic Dialogue Replacement. It is the process of replacing dialogue recorded on set that wasn’t good enough because of background noise or some other issue with the audio. The actor will watch themselves on the screen and hear the original audio in their headphones and match how the performance was delivered in order to make it believable that the audio is really them saying the line while acting, not in the studio afterwards.

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