Music Video Production in Vancouver

Film & Record Your Music At the Same Time

Audio and video have many similarities as far as workflow and editing. Creatively and technically, there are many places these two worlds cross over, and being the geeks that we are, we love delving into the video world.

At Blue Light we also love the idea of seeing an artist perform their music. It gives the listener a look into the artists world that you can’t achieve with audio alone.

For these reasons we also offer in-studio performance videos. These are youtube ready videos in 4k, with properly mix and mastered audio that your fans are sure to watch over and over. There is no better way than a high quality video to show your fans you are a serious and professional artist, and as a tool in your press kit these videos have been used for countless artists to book better paying performances.

Videos can be made to a pre-recorded song, or a “live off the floor” style video where you are recording everything live in the studio while making the video.

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