Vocal Tuning in Vancouver

Vocal Tuning and Audio FX Specialists

Vocal Tuning is a necessary step in the studio in this modern world where most people’s ears have become accustomed to hearing perfectly in-tune singing on the radio and in the majority of pop music.

While some genres and some singers tuning isn’t needed, the reality is that most contemporary genres such as pop, indie, rock, alternative, country, folk, etc use a lot of tuning, therefore if you are attempting to fit into playlists with major label artists in these genres, vocal tuning is often part of achieving this sound.

Vocal tuning can also be used as a vocal FX, which most people will recognize as the “Cher” or “T-Pain” vocal FX. This is very common in many genres like Trap, and many other styles of rap.

Here at Blue Light, we understand when tuning is required based on the song, and have the tools to tune your vocal so it sounds natural and smooth, or if you need to “Hard Auto-Tune” FX we can do that as well. Skrrrrrrrrrrt.

Often the tuning is done during the Recording/Tracking process, again because as you add more things to your recording, such as harmonies, it helps to have the vocals in tune to tune harmonies too.

Recorded your vocals at home? No problem, you can send us your vocal tracks and we can tune them and send them back to you.

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