Music Editing in Vancouver

Comping Vocals, Quantizing, Breath Control & Tone Editing Services

The term editing is a fairly broad term, and can refer to a lot of different parts of the recording process. Often this is things like comping vocals, which is the process of going through all of the takes you’ve recorded and picking the best parts to make a “perfect” take that consists of all the best parts you have sung. This could be for other instruments as well as vocals.

Another thing Editing can refer to is time-editing or Quantizing, which refers to the process of adjusting the placement in time of different instruments to correct for slight timing issues. For instance, drums are very often Quantized to tighten up the feel and correct things like fills rushing. This can be done for all instruments as well.

Editing can also refer to cleaning up things like noise in parts of the song that an instrument was waiting to start playing, or breath control, or removing clicks and pops.

For dialogue, editing could be making the background room tone consistent throughout, and timing is right between punched in sections, or playing with timing against a video.

Most commonly these tasks are done during the recording/tracking process as it is good practice to keep up with this as you are recording so that when you add more instruments to your song they are being added to already edited parts that are in time and different takes have been picked already.

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