What we do at Blue Light Studio

Blue Light Studio is a full-service Professional Recording Studio located in the heart of East Vancouver.

All our Producer, Engineers, and even Interns are musicians and avid music lovers. We believe in creating an environment where you, the artists, is comfortable to create your best music possible. We are very passionate about bringing your vision to life, and we work very hard to uphold the highest quality possible while doing it.

  • Recording and Mixing

    Working with a qualified audio engineer who can guide you through the recording process can take a lot of stress off, so that you can stop worrying about the process and focus on the music.

  • Production and Arranging

    The Beatles didn't just have a great audio engineer, they had a great Producer and Arranger as well. At Blue Light we understand the importance of having strong musically compositions as well as great sounding recordings.

  • Mastering

    After you bake a cake it's really best to put icing on it. We're happy to help you do this with our Mastering Services.

  • Voice Overs and ADR

    Not only is Blue Light Studio acoustically treated to have the best quality sound possible, but we are setup to record ADR and Voice Overs. Now your film will not only look the way you want, but it will sound the way you want, so that your audience gets the full impact of your story.

  • Video Production

    We love listening to music at Blue Light, but it is so much more powerful when you see an artist as well. We offer video production services for just this reason. Show the world who you are as an artist.

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